Anyone can book and pay for an Open Session to either boulder or if you have the required skills, climb with a harness and rope.

An Open Session is a 2-hour block were you can use the climbing and bouldering wall.

To attend you must book and register.


Booking reserves your session and allows you to pay.

Book Online


Registration must be completed by all participants separately.
Registration includes a declaration of your competence to climb safely and an agreement to abide by the centre rules.


If you cannot competently use a harness and rope to safely belay then you must only boulder. If you are keen to climb higher than the marked bouldering height than please book an instructional session were you will learn to use a harness, rope and belay.

Under 18

Youth are welcome to attend Open Sessions, but under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. If the supervising adult is not climbing, then then do not need to be included in the booking or pay. One adult may supervise a maximum of 2 youth climbers.